General Course Information

Technical Work Print AssignmentsTen Work Prints

Please refer to “Print Guidelines.”

Motion Studies
#1. Technical Slow Action Study
#2. Technical Freeze Action Study
Depth of Field Studies
#3. Technical Shallow Depth of Field Study
#4. Extended Depth of Field Study
Composition Studies
#5. Provide the center of interest in one or more corners of the frame
#6. Have the center of interest exiting the frame
#7. Bisect the frame using lines or tonality
Light and Tonality Studies
#8. Light, texture, and Shadow using full tonal scale
#9. Light study using whites and greys (hi key)
#10. Light study using blacks and greys (low key)


Midterm Research Presentation and Paper

During the semester, you will be introduced to the works of many photographers through your searches in the art library and nonprint media collections.

In order to receive full credit for the midterm Research Presentation assignment,
You will make a presentation to the class utilizing 5 sample photos from the chosen photographer and answering the 4 questions below. In addition, you will cite and integrate 3 quotes from your theoretical readings into your answers for this paper.

students will bring to class on due date:
*Two page typed paper with answers 1-4 from the following list of questions
(A CD or emailed essay is not acceptable)
*5 samples of your chosen photographer’s work illustrating the ideas
from your paper

Suggested resources: Art Library, Hornbake video collection, internet

Research Questions

1. Choose a photographer whose work you appreciate. What vision, idea, or philosophy is conveyed to you through these images?

2. Describe the subject content, photographic devices, and design elements utilized in the work of your chosen photographer which give a characteristic “style” to this artist’s work. Please ask ahead of time if you do not understand what this means. Be prepared to show only 5 samples from the book(s).

3. Describe how the work of this photographer relates to your own vision, philosophy, and emotions.

4. Write a paragraph proposal for your final essay.

Midterm Theoretical and Technical Quiz

Essay questions from the theoretical readings
Short answer quiz Photography by London and Upton.


Final Print Assignment

You will provide a set of final prints of excellent quality. .
See “Final Print Guidelines” for print quality requirements.Final Written Essay

This assignment is a three page formal essay response to your readings and will show how you have incorporated theory into practice with your final photographs. To receive full credit:

1- Provide three citations from any of the theoretical Your Questions:
2- State how and why these photos “hold together” as a body of work, as opposed to isolated, perhaps strong individual pieces.
3- Describe how you feel your personal style is developing in terms of technique, ideas, philosophy, and practical or impractical utilization of imagery. You may draw on ideas from your midterm here.
4-What you have learned about photography (technically, esthetically, conceptually, as a “cultural” tool, during this past semester, and how it has challenged or inspired you
(if at all) in new directions as an observer of your culture.

Final Oral Presentation to Class

You will make a 3-5 minute oral presentation in class describing your 4 final prints. You may use journal entries as well as quotes and ideas from the photographer you have studied during your research presentation as well as the photographers you have viewed on video or through other independent research. If you choose you may read or review you final essay. You may use music to introduce your essay.


What the letters mean

A- Mastery of technique and aesthetic vocabulary demonstrated through exams and assignments
Effective expression of personal vision
Contribution to class discussions and activities, supporting a positive learning environment
Creation of outstanding and cohesive body of work

B- Control of technique and aesthetic vocabulary demonstrated through exams and assignments
Attempts to express a personal vision
Participates in class discussions and activities
Turns in all assignments

C- Passes exams and turns in all assignments
Able to develop and print black and white imagery in the wet darkroom
Photographs are generally adequate

D-Misses many assignments, does poorly on exams
Assignments don't meet guidelines
Prints are commonly significantly flawed
Unable to develop film or make prints independently

F- Misses three classes without instructor's excuse;
or fails exams, misses or does poorly on most assignments, assignments don't meet guidelines.

Classroom and Lab Performance

Your behavior and interactions in the classroom and in the lab are crtical to building a classroom community and will impact upon your grade. Obeying the operational rules and cooperating with one another is an expectation for this class. Eating is fine as long as you are quiet and clean up after yourself, but no food in the lab. Checking with the TA before you leave the lab is imperative.
Your behavioral performance grade will be based on the lab assistant's and the instructor's evaluation of your positive contribution to the class. If you have any questions about how this grade is determined, do not hesitate to ask. We will be considering the following:
1- Attentiveness and contribution during class discussion
2- Cooperation in clean-up and lab maintenance
3- Attendance

Assignment Deadines and Points

Acadmemic Performance:15% of your final grade

(1) quiz 5
(1) Midterm Research paper 5
(1) Final Theoretical Essay 5

Photographic Technical Performance: 75% of final grade

(8) Work prints 4 each total of 32
(4) Final Prints 6pts each total of 24
(4) Contact Sheet 5pts for total of 20

Classroom and Darkroom Behavior Performance: 10% of final grade

(See Descriptive Behavioral Guidelines in Syllabus)
Darkroom 3
Classroom 3
Attendance 3

Total (100) points

Credit for work submitted on time only
Contact Instructor by email Prior to absence
Medical Excuses must be submitted for illness