Fall 2006

Class Structure

Advanced students may work with text independently at own pace.

For the first day of class please bring your texbook, you camera(s), digital and film if you have both..

If you have any previous work or a Web site that you would like to share, we will try to find during class critiques.

We will discuss camera operations and access the technical level of the class at this time. Beginning students will have tutorial for basic application and overview in Photoshop. Advanced level students will discuss their semester goals and have lab time with Photoshop CS.

Please check Blackboard at http://elms.umd.edu for weekly announcements and changes to the syllabus. Send email correspondence to btyroler@umd.edu

Check ELMS daily

Final Essay

This assignment is a three page formal essay response to your readings and will show how you have incorporated theory into practice with your final photographs. To receive full credit:

1- Provide three citations from any of the theoretical readings
2- Describe how you feel your personal style is developing in terms of technique, ideas, philosophy, and practical or impractical utilization of imagery. You may draw on ideas from your midterm here.
3-What you have learned about photography (technically, esthetically, conceptually, as a “cultural” tool, during this past semester, and how it has challenged or inspired you (if at all) in new directions as an observer of your culture.

Final Oral Presentation to Class

You will make a 3-5 minute oral presentation in class describing your final prints. You may use journal entries as well as quotes and ideas from the photographer you have studied during your research presentation as well as the photographers you have viewed on video or through other independent research. If you choose you may read or review you final essay.


Competency in basic to intermediate level Photoshop image editing and printing through use of text and video tutorials


What the letters mean

A- Mastery of technique and aesthetic vocabulary demonstrated through assignments
Effective expression of personal vision
Contribution to class discussions and activities, supporting a positive learning environment
Creation of outstanding and cohesive body of work

B- Control of technique and aesthetic vocabulary demonstrated through assignments
Attempts to express a personal vision
Participates in class discussions and activities
Turns in all assignments

C- Turns in all assignments in a timely fashion
Able to edit and print color and black and white imagery with a digital printer
Photographs are generally adequate

D-Misses many assignments and classes, does poorly on assignments
Assignments don't meet guidelines
Prints are commonly significantly flawed
Unable to edit or make prints independently

F- Misses three classes without instructor's excuse;
or fails exams, misses or does poorly on most assignments, assignments don't meet guidelines.